To begin with, we should express the obvious– photography is an incredible camera, right??? (Ahem, indicate: wrong.) I’d say that is one gigantic misguided judgment about photography, despite the fact that I do hear things like this constantly:

“Goodness, how delightful! Your camera is so pleasant!”

“Your camera takes such decent pictures!!!!”

As one of the Las Vegas wedding photographers I totally LOVE my camera (truly, it’s my child. I love it.) And wouldn’t consider shooting weddings with anything besides proficient review hardware, I need to state: a pleasant camera is not what truly matters to photography. Ansel Adams wholes up my musings flawlessly.

If I somehow managed to offer counsel yearning for picture takers out there, I would urge them to make sense of what photography intends to them. Try not to stress over getting the most pleasant, freshest, sleekest, most-megapixel-est, most-whatever-est available. You can be a fruitful craftsman by characterizing your individual photographic style. What does photography intend to you? What drives your enthusiasm? What story would you like to tell? What makes your motivation? How would you depict your aesthetic vision?

Try not to trust me? WELL. Here’s evidence. Being one of those Las Vegas wedding photographers I have purchased the CHEAPEST CAMERA I could locate (a dispensable Kodak film camera!) and confided in my style and ability as a craftsman. I depended on accessible light, my vision and a dinky little discard camera to report the magnificence of somebody. These pictures are straight from the CD I got at Walgreens only a couple of minutes back. It is a little bit of plastic camera. I am happy to be one of the Las Vegas wedding photographers I have the capacity to deliver tolerable work of art regardless of how “pleasant” the camera is. Here’s the outcome:

All in all, what does photography intend to ME?


Pictures are a documentation of light. I utilize all natural light to make beautiful photographs from what’s as of now there. (That is correct. I attempt and get my photos as ravishing, all things considered, as I can– I don’t utilize photoshop on 99.99% of my pictures.)


I long to recount individuals’ romantic tales through my view! The way he takes a look at her, the way he makes her grin, the way the bright daylight touches them as they walk as an integral unit it’s about the story and feeling of the general population before the camera. Taking them into the best light and recording their excellent story? That is the thing that makes a photo for me.


I think the individual behind the camera has the greatest effect on what pictures turned out. Like a wedding, representation, and way of life picture taker, I’d jump at the chance to think I have one of a kind vision of catching minutes. If there were many picture takers all capturing a certain something, odds are, none of them would be precisely the same. My customers procure me to recount their romantic tale through my vision. It is my identity, style, motivation and technique. It is their day, their affection, their style, their story. It’s a delightful blend that isn’t right for everybody, except it’s appropriate for my customers and me.

So go out there and shoot your heart out in your way, with whatever sort of camera you have!

Haha, and only for the amusingness of it, here are some of the background shots that my hubby Dan got. I continued neglecting to rewind the camera, continued attempting to check my settings, and even take a look at what I saw. That little orange box!