The weight loss industry is filled with many brands but truvision uniquely stands out from the rest because of its business model and high-quality products. Truvision manufactures what is considered as the best weight loss supplement that delivers significant results within a short period of time. Multiple truvision reviews indicate that consumers of this products ended up attaining their weight loss goals in a couple of weeks.

Truvision Products

This company is renowned to produce the best meal replacement for weight loss. Although truvision also manufactures other wellness products such as TruMend, TruSlumber, TruFuel etc., Trufix and Trucontrol are its top products. This combination is usually sold and used together for better weight loss results. Trucontrol works by increasing the dieter’s metabolic rate, enhancing energy levels and accelerating the burning of stubborn body fat. Trufix, on the other hand, works by tuning up the blood chemistry which is essential in the working of every system found in the body.

Truvision Ingredients

As the best meal replacement pills on the market, these two products are formulated using plant-based ingredients.

Trucontrol Ingredients

Numerous truvision reviews show that trucontrol features a wide range of ingredients which include:

• KinetiQ: it’s derived from citrus aurantium extract and it accelerates thermogenesis.

• Black Pepper Extract: it helps to increase the process of metabolism and it contains antioxidants which help to protect the body from harmful diseases.

• Green Tea Extract: it contains high levels of epigallocatechin gallate and caffeine which help to increase the rate of metabolism, the fat burning process, and oxygenation of the muscles leading to weight loss.

• Theacrine: this plant-extract has the characteristics of caffeine and it helps to increase the body’s energy levels, improve immunity and anti-aging.

• Ferrous fumarate: this is an essential mineral that helps to increase the production of red blood cells which are responsible for supplying the muscles with oxygen.

• Evodiamine: it helps to minimize the uptake of fat. It is also a thermogenic agent that enhances the rate of metabolism.

• Cocoa Powder: it is mainly used with trucontrol because it helps to enhance moods, suppress the dieter’s appetite and accelerate the metabolism of fat.

• Vitamin B6: it helps to enhance the gut function by stimulating essential flora. Vitamin B6 also helps to repair cells and tissues.

• Yohimbine: it improves the vascular health, energy and enhances blood circulation.

Trufix Ingredients

Some of the active ingredients found in this supplement include:

• Chlorogenic acid: it helps to burn up stubborn body fat by converting it to fuel. Chlorogenic acid also helps to modulate blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, mental focus and blood pressure.

• Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): It speeds up the fat burning process by converting glucose to fuel. ALA is a strong antioxidant that helps to kill harmful compounds such as damaging free radicals.

• Copper: this mineral enhances the production of red blood cells and it helps to prevent diseases like anemia.

• Chromium: it’s a popular weight loss ingredient that helps to increase the glucose metabolism, modulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Chromium also enhances the development of the lean muscles.

• Raspberry Ketones: this plant extract help to increase the body’s metabolic rate and it provides the consumer with antioxidant benefits.

• Vanadium: it helps to prevent insulin spikes by regulating the blood sugar.

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Benefits of Truvision Products

What makes truvision popular? Truvision manufactures the best weight loss supplement which offers users numerous benefits.

Benefits for TruControl

Some of the benefits of this diet pill include:

• Increased energy levels in the body.

• Improved metabolic rate.

• Appetite control which leads to reduced food intake.

• Accelerate rate of the fat burning process.

• Timely weight loss results.

Benefits of Trufix

Trufix offers consumers benefits such as:

• Improved blood chemistry.

• Well-balanced blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

• Safety and general well-being of the user since it’s made from natural plant extracts.

• Rapid weight loss.

• Improved fat burning process including the oxidation of stubborn belly fat.

• Improved liver function.


These truvision weight loss products are designed to work together as multi-purpose low-maintenance diet pills. Each trufix and trucontrol pill should be taken twice daily, at the same time. Note: Always consult with your healthcare provider before using any diet pill.

Safety of Truvision Products

Although there is no any independent research regarding the safety of truvision products, the ingredients which are used to manufacture them have been clinically tested and they are effective for weight loss. Some users may end up experiencing mild side effects as the body adapts to the products but they usually disappear shortly. Common side effects include:

• Headache

• Dizziness

• Bloating

• Nausea

• Gas

• Heartburn etc.

Final Thoughts

Truvision is a brand that produces safe and healthy products. Although the truvision weight loss products are sometimes termed as expensive, they are effective, efficient and produce long-lasting weight loss results giving you value for your money. Dieters usually see results within just weeks and they also experience improved general wellbeing.