There are many CBD industries in Colorado, each one is  doing really well in research and developing new products. In the case of CBD, people only look for  high quality products. The other reason is the strict regulations of CBD products by the state.With all the regulation and tests, Colorado is a primary source of high quality of CBD.

Whenever buying CBD products, it is very important that you have adequate information about that brand and the other essential information of the particular product.  

Try The CBD brand is one of the expert players in this industry. They are producing a variety of CBD products. All their products are of premium quality and no wonder it is in the list of few best brands of CBD. 

Who is ‘’Try The CBD”?

Try The CBD is based in Denver, Colorado and known for their high quality CBD products. They use locally grown high quality CBD in their products. 

Colorado is one of the first states to legalise hemp and cannabis.The weather and mineral rich soil of the place make a perfect combination for growing high quality CBD. On the other hand, the government has also set certain standards for CBD based products. 

Try The CBD has proved itself in every aspect. The company has a mission to deliver a product  and inform everybody that “choose to feel life at its best.”

Try the CBD prioritize to work on the quality of their products and give the best experience to its customers. You can get detailed information about each product through their official website in which they have given a detailed description of each product. 

Try The CBD Product Highlights

Try The CBD has a wide range of products. As we all know CBD can be taken in many forms, to give an impressive experience to its customer Try The CBD has proved is one the top of the list. (The prices that listed here are subject to change by the manufacturer)

Try The CBD Oil

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

One of the pure and high quality CBD from hemp extract in MCT oil. It is CO2 extracted CBD oil, which is gluten free and can be consumed  by a vegan. The THC content in  Try The CBD oil is almost negligible or in some cases (for full spectrum) less than 0.3 %. They get most of their ingredients from Colorado which is well known for the best quality of CBD. 

Try The CBD oil is best for beginners and for regulars as well. 

If we talk about its testing , Try The CBD do independent lab testing which gives quality assurance. 

• Flavor and appearance

Try The CBD comes in two types Full Spectrum and THC Free. It is a pure form of CBD oil and great for beginners. 

To regulate the dosage it has a dropper on the top. 

• Potency

In case of CBD oil Potency plays a very important role. For this Try the CBD has a wide range. The Try The CBD oil comes in potency of 

    • 200 MG
    • 500 MG
    • 600 MG 
    • 1000 MG 
    • 1500 MG 
    • 3000 MG 
    • 5000 MG 

You can choose the potency according to your requirement and benefits you are looking for. 

• Pricing and Discounts 

As compared to other brands, Try The CBD oil is very affordable. For 

    • 200 MG  costs $19.9
    • 500 MG  costs $34.99
    • 600 MG  costs $39.99
    • 1000 MG  costs $ 54.99
    • 1500 MG  costs $89.99
    • 3000 MG  costs $149.99
    • 5000 MG  costs $243.99

All these come in a pack of 30 ml. With these prices you can avail discounts also. If you are buying for the first time you will get a 50% discount for the second product. 

CBD Capsules

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

Having CBD everyday can have various benefits. Try The CBD capsule is another convenient way to consume CBD. These hemp oil capsules are made in Colorado which contain 25 mg of CBD and 0.75 ml MCT coconut oil. 

• Flavor and appearance

These Try The CBD hemp capsules are flavourless and odourless. The capsule size is medium which is easy to consume and you can have it with water which will hardly take 2 seconds. 

• Potency

If we talk about its potency it contains 25 mg of CBD per capsule. Also the THC content is less than 0.3 %. 

• Pricing and Discounts 

Try The CBD comes in different packaging. From 5 count capsules to 60 count capsules. For 

    • 5 CT it costs $15.99
    • 10 CT for $29.99
    • 30 CT for $49.99
    • 60 CT for $94.99

If you create an account on Try The CBD official website, you can earn points on each purchase and that you can use in your next shopping, beside this you will also get notified for every occasional sale. 

CBD Gummies

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

One of the tasty ways to have CBD. Try The CBD gummies containing all natural ingredients like Cane Sugar, Tapioca syrup,Turmeric,Black Carrot Juice Concentrate,Tapioca syrup,Grape juice concentrate. Other than that it includes Citric acid,Pectin which is suitable for vegan. 

The gummies are Lab tested and have zero THC. With all organic ingredients and no sugar makes it even healthy as compared to other CBD gummies.

• Flavor and appearance

Try The CBD gummies that come in Natural flavour. It comes in Sugar free type and vegan type. It is light and chewy gummy, rich in vitamin C which helps to boost immunity. 


The gummies come in two different potencies of 20 MG and 30 MG per gummy. If we talk about its packaging, it comes in 600 MG per bottle and 900 MG per bottle. 

It is third party lab tested and contains a blast of natural flavour. 

• Pricing and Discounts 

Try The CBD gummies are quite affordable and value for money. 

    • 600 MG bottle costs for $49.99 (20 MG per gummy)
    • 900 MG bottle costs for $59.99 (30 MG per gummy)

It has an exciting offer. If you buy 1 you will get a 50% discount on another bottle.

CBD Topical Cream

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

Pampering yourself is very important, with Try The CBD topical makes your body happy. Try The CBD topicals are Gluten – free, Non- GMO and contain no pesticides. It contains Glycerin,coconut oil and many important things that make it your skin’s favourite. It makes the skin moisturized and 

It is tested by independent labs which makes it safer for healthy skin routine. 

• Flavor and appearance

Try The CBD topical is soft and effective for daily skin routine. It works really well on sensitive areas and all over the body. The aroma is mild, it works on pores and makes skin look glowing. 

• Potency

Well Try The CBD has different CBD topicals which contain different CBD amounts. The potency of CBD Topical for skin contains 500 MG of CBD which makes it more effective and stronger CBD topical. 

• Pricing and Discounts

The price of CBD Topicals varies from $7.99 to $49.99. Try The CBD Cream costs for $49.99 per pack. You can earn 8-50 points for this purchase which you can use as a discount on your next shopping. 

CBD for Pets

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

CBD oil for pets works really well for anxious and nervous behaviour of pets. Try The CBD oil for pets contains 100 % hemp extracted CBD, and organic hemp seed oil.  It is natural and third party lab tested. It is safe and best for your pets overall health. 

• Flavor and appearance

The CBD oil for pets works really well to calm down your pet. It comes with a dropper bottle which helps to regulate the dosage. 

• Potency

Try The CBD oil for pets comes in a 15 ml bottle which contains 600 MG of CBD . It is non toxic, safe and best friend for your pet. 

• Pricing and Discounts

The cost of a 15 ml bottle costs $39.99 which lasts in 30 to 60 days. You can earn 40 points for its purchase which you can use for a discount on your next shopping. 

CBD Vape Cartridges

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

Try The CBD provides a wide range of products. CBD Vape Cartridges is one of the most popular products of Try The CBD. It works really well for your daily CBD intake.  It contains natural ingredients and gives an amazing first pass effect. Per cart contains 300 – 500 mg of high quality CBD. 

• Flavor and appearance

Try The CBD Vape Cartridge which is leak free and gives the best vaping experience. It contains a blend of terpenes with antioxidants which enhances its quality. It comes in different strains:

    • Indica
    • OG Kush 
    • Pineapple Express
    • Strawnana
    • Gelato 
    • Gorilla Glue
    • Grand Daddy Purple etc. 

Each one has a number of benefits which help to keep you healthy and calm. 

• Potency

Try The CBD Cartridge has a high potency of 300-500 MG. It helps to keep you relaxed and reduce stress.

• Pricing and Discounts

Try The CBD comes in two packages of 300 MG and 500 MG. 

    • For 300 MG it costs $34.99
    • For 500 MG it costs for $49.99

On your purchase of one you can get a 50% discount on the second one plus you can earn 35-50 points which you can use in next shopping. 

Does FAB CBD have any other products?

If we talk about CBD products, Try The CBD is on the top in case of varieties and quality. Its list is on and on with all these products Try The CBD also offers  

    • CBD disposable Vape pens
    • CBD Vape Juice
    • CBD Crystals

CBD disposable vape pens are one the best CBD vape pens, easy to use and loved by many people. It is an easy and convenient way to consume CBD at any time, anywhere. It comes in different flavours like Green Crack, Strawnana, Indica, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush and Natural Flavour. It is tasty and contains 0% of THC. 

Where CBD vape juice contains all natural Botanical Treps with vital health benefits with no side effects. 

If you want to have the purest form of CBD have Try The CBD Crystal, a powerful isolated CBD. It has more than 97% of pure hemp extracts to give you the next level experience of CBD consumption. 

It has a wide range of CBD topicals from cream to muscle gel, CBD butter, CBD lotion etc. Try the CBD lip balm is praised by famous personalities.

Try The CBD always works on their research in CBD products to give extraordinary experience for its customers. It is one of the genuine and premium CBD companies and has thousands of happy customers. Their product range is the best as compared with other CBD companies. From beginners to regular users they have provided every type of product for the different requirements of different people. If you are a beginner or regular looking for Best brand of CBD Try The CBD is the place.

Where can I buy Try The CBD products?

When you purchase  Try The CBD products, you can find them on many online stores. 

But before this you need to set your goals, what are the benefits you are looking for from CBD. What will be the end result and how you are going to achieve it. 

It is recommended that you visit Try The CBD official website, they have given detailed information for every product. You can also sign up there to get notified about the current sales and various offers. For your purchase you will get various rewards and coupons occasionally. 

They deliver products within five working days via USPS. You can easily track your order via email or USPS tracking number. 

Please note that Try The CBD are not able to ship products to Military bases. 


Try The CBD is one of the finest and popular brands. The only mission of the brand is to satisfy its customers with high quality CBD products. The products are available in all states. The products are affordable and value for your hard earned money. 

If you are looking for the best brand for CBD try “Try The CBD”. 

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