Different people have different body types which makes them all unique. The type of body you have dictates your bikini type. When doing lengths along the pool or anywhere else, one has no choice but to display their body. It is therefore important to get a good understanding of the current fashion trends in order to bring out the best image of ourselves. In any case, swimming is all about getting into shape and having the time of your life. However, plus size people find it hard to get a style that perfectly fits them. Having a plus size body does not mean that you cannot look as sexy as those with slim bodies. Below are different kinds of plus size bikini options, depending on your body size and shape.

Apple Shape

Apple Shape bikini girl

Ruffles: They are the best in concealing a large waistline. The reason is simply that they divert the looker’s attention upwards.

Shirring: They are suitable for creating a perception of a slim waist. A perceived curve is brought out by the shirring around the midriff.

Subtle prints: It is recommended that one wears a plus size bikini with subtle prints that are small. They perfectly match with shirring around the midriff region. Subtle prints divert attention from the size of your body to the color.

Effect me knot: Gives your waist the shape of an hourglass because it has a double shirring that joins to make an ‘X’ shape knot.

Swim dress: It creates the impression of a narrow waist beneath the chest. Your upper thighs are also covered by the skirt. So it is right and perfect swimwear for you.

X-factor: The focus of attention is diverted to the center from the waist helping one to have an hourglass shape.

Directional prints: Its prints are diagonally directed. The result is that the eye is tricked into seeing a smaller waist.

Necklines: Reveals your bust in a good way because of a vertical line that divides the upper section of your body.

Texture: A visual appealing effect is brought out with its wrinkled bumps. It looks best when combined with shirring.

Layered patterns: It perfectly tucks the waist and has diverse patterns that appeal the eyes. The eyes’ attention are drawn to the center.

High waist bottom: It holds other parts of your body while only exposing the upper waist. As a result, an hourglass shape comes out.

Tankinis: It conceals awkward spots and covers the belly. It also happens to be very comfortable.

Spare Tire

A girl on a sea beach


Bold Print: Draws attention away from the lower waist due to its bold prints.

Fit and Flare: The lower waist region is covered by the waist while the upper waist is highlighted by the upper part that perfectly fits.

Empire seam: It has a narrow empire that overlaps the ruffles and is slim beneath the chest.

Spoon Shape.

Fit and flare: Your upper curves are highlighted by the fitting tops and the thighs are covered by the dress. Still, your shape comes out perfectly.

Colorful overlaps: When it comes to visual tricks, this is the best bikini. The color shits the attention to the upper body.

Design details: Attractive designs bring out the sexiness in you. The attention is brought to the upper region in this case through the mesh inserts that extend to the bust from the upper waist.

Sarong skirt: Attention is diverted from the hips by the hemline that stretches to the legs. They give you an hourglass shape due to their waistline slimness.

Faux skirt: Small hips impression is created by the fact that it is loose. Its side slits allow easy hip movement.

Large Low Hip: (Pear-Shape plus Size Bikini)

Long dress: Outlines your curves and covers the thighs.

Plus size ruffles: They compensate for chests that are smaller.

Drop skirt ruffles: Covers the body in a good manner.

Unitard: Covers the thighs while giving a slimming impression.

Swim shorts: They are convenient and simple. They match with any bikini top.

Swim skirts: Sensibly covers the body. It covers half of your thighs and hips. It also matches with any bikini tops.

Inverted Triangular Shape

Inverted Triangular Shape

Necklines and line: The best neckline is neither too low nor too high. For it to bring out the shape of your waist region and chest area, it must be at mid-level.

Sweetheart neckline: It is conducive for those that have a full chest. The reason for this is because it covers the part appropriately. It removes attention from the shoulders and chest due to its inward slanting straps.

Square neckline: Good for those that have large chests.

Scooped neckline: Exposes the hands while reducing the chest.

Bold prints: They camouflage larger areas.

High neckline: Although it does not cover the bust, it reduces a large chest size by use of angular armholes.

Underwire top: Their support cups provide people with large breast with a sense of comfort.

Off-the-shoulder design: Gives a square shoulder impression which makes one look slim.

High neck halters: Its armholes reduce the chest shape. It also gives a square shape.


If you had any doubts about whether you would look good in a plus size bikini, have no worries for these bikinis will perfectly fit your body.