HW110 Bluetooth headphone review: A device for 'budget audiophiles'

Fenda Audio (F&D), one of the fastest-growing sound technology companies in India launched a new range of pocket-friendly earphones and headphones for the music lovers of the country.

Business Standard reviewed the wireless headphone and here are our in-depth observations of HW110:

Design: Stylish & innovative

The HW110 headset, available in a rubberised matte finish, looks premium and neat but misses out on the fabric headband that may make users feel a little uncomfortable after an hour of continuous music. It has soft ergonomic over-the-ear grilles that cancel out noise decently but there are no ear markers indicating L & R on either of the ear cups.

Each ear cup extends to 7 levels of fits but the headband may feel heavy on your head after some time.

A single multi-functional button is given for power, Bluetooth pairing, controlling playback and managing calls- a feature that looks minimalistic but can be confusing at times.

The plus-minus buttons for volume controls, a port for micro USB charging and AUX port are placed on the same ear cup that houses the all-in-one button.

F&D HW110 Bluetooth headphones

F&D HW110 Bluetooth headphones

Performance: Good sound with decent bass

The headphone delivers a good low-frequency punch on tracks with intense sub-bass content without putting much pressure on the 40-mm drivers. At moderate volume levels, the lows are good with decent mid-high and high-frequency output. However, the headphones may sound a bit thunderous on heavily bass-boosted songs and the ear cups start vibrating at peak volume.

A track with less deep bass in the mix gives a better sense of the HW110’s sound signature. The lows feel decent and receive beautiful bass depth.

Hearing the songs of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ album on the headphone was a good experience as it played out without lagging much in the highs and lows.

Watching Game of Thrones (GOT) episodes also lived up to expectations as the sound variations was better compared to other Bluetooth headphones in the same price range.

The headphone last a day on a single charge but this could vary depending on volume levels.

Bluetooth connectivity is fun with a voice instructing you about the current status of the headphones but NFC is given a complete miss.

F&D HW110 Bluetooth headphones

F&D HW110 Bluetooth headphones

Verdict: Stylish yet affordable

At a price of Rs1,990, the HW110 headphones offer a decent sound signature with a good bass depth. The product is a great entry-level addition to the Bluetooth headphones available in the sub-2000 category. Baring the vibration glitch, the pocket-friendly HW110 headphone is worth a buy.

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