From ancient times CBD has been used for medicinal purposes. Now during this fast paced lifestyle we all want to have good health and feel good.

To satisfy both these needs  cannabinoid has become very popular these days. Many people are getting the health benefits and leading a healthy lifestyle.

With this growing popularity, CBD industries are also becoming popular. Today we are going to talk about “Healthworx”. 

Healthworx offers a variety of high quality CBD products with which you can make you feel good instantly. 

Who is the Healthworx?

Healthworx was established in 2015 in Colorado. It offers independent lab testing. It is known for its high quality CBD products. Healthwrox has a team of experts who have years of experience in this field. 

In these few years Healthworx has worked really well and made a special place in the list of best brands of CBD. Beside this Healthworx is also a member of ‘‘National Hemp Association’’,  “Greenzone Hero”,  “Hemp Industry Association”. 

The National Hemp Association and Hemp Industry Association helps for the development of the Hemp Industry where Greenzone Hero helps active duty military, their families raising donations.

With all these aspects Healthworx products have average 4.5 ratings which proves the customer satisfaction and faith. The reason for its high quality product is getting the high quality raw materials. They get 99% pure CBD from colorado and most of the products contain organically grown ingredients. 

Healthworx Product Highlights:

Healthworx provides one of the best CBD products across the country. It provides a variety of products and enables its customers to consume CBD in different forms. (The prices that listed here are subject to change by the manufacturer)

Healthworx CBD Oil 

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

The Healthworx CBD oil is made up of natural ingredients with high quality of CBD extract blended with MCT oil. It contains heavy metal and  pesticides free, Non GMO product  approved by third party testing. 

• Flavor and appearance

This CBD oil comes in three types : Full Spectrum, THC Free and Terpene enhanced. Healthworx CBD oil is light in color and tastes natural. The bottle is of standard quality glass with a dropper to regulate the dosage. 

• Potency

For CBD products potency plays a very important role, if we talk about Healthworx CBD oil it comes in different potencies of 200 MG, 500 MG, 1500 MG and 5000 MG.

    • Full Spectrum CBD oil comes in potencies of 500 MG, 1500 MG and 5000 MG. 
    • THC free Healthworx CBD oil comes in a pack of 200 MG, 600 MG, 1000 Mg, 1500 MG and 3000 MG per bottle. 
    • Terpene Enhanced CBD oil comes in 3000 MG per pack. 

As per your requirement you can choose any of them and get close to your desired result.

• Pricing and Discounts

Healthworx CBD oil is quite affordable and value for money. It comes in different quantities. 

    • 15 ml with 200 mg costs around  $17.99
    • For 500 mg it costs around $34.99
    • For 1000 mg it costs around $39.99
    • For 1500mg it costs around $89.99
    • For 3000 mg it costs around $149.99
    • For 5000mg it costs around $199.99

You can take the CBD oil according to your requirement. With this Healthworx always has some offers going on their website with an easy sign up you can get registered with them and take advantage of current sale various discount offers. 

Healthworx  CBD Gummies

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

CBD gummies are one of the easy ways to eat CBD. Healthworx CBD gummies are made up of Coconut oil,Lactic acid,Pectin, Maltitol syrup,Water, Sorbitol, Tapioca starch anti-sticking agent,  Natural and artificial flavors. It is non- intoxicating and has no THC content. It is safe, lab tested, sugar free so suitable for diabetic people. 

• Flavor and appearance

Healthworx gummies come in fruit flavour and are really delicious. If you are a beginner we will suggest to start with Healthworx CBD gummy and increase dosage with time.

• Potency

Healthworx CBD gummies are easy to consume and come in potency of  30 MG of CBD which is quite a good amount, it is safe and efficient at the same time. These gummies are really beneficial for anxiety.

• Pricing and Discounts

Each bottle contains 30 gummies which costs $59.9 . For discounts don’t forget to register on their official website. 

Healthworx CBD Topicals Cream 

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

Healthworx topicals are very beneficial to condition your skin. It also offers CBD topical for topical pain. Healthworx CBD topical for skin has several good ingredients that hydrates your skin and makes it glowing. It contains Mango seed butter,Organic sunflower seed oil,Raspberry seed oil,Kokum seed butter,Organic olive fruit oil,Full Spectrum CBD Oil and much more. 

The topical is third party lab tested and good for any skin type.

• Flavor and appearance

Healthworx topical comes in natural flavour, its consistency is creamy and observes instantly in skin. 

• Potency

It comes with a potency of full spectrum 500 CBD. Easy to use, just massage gently on your skin and let it feel the goodness.

• Pricing and Discounts

Healthworx CBD topical is pocket friendly, for one pack it costs $44.99 lasts in 30-60 days. 

Healthworx CBD Capsules

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

The Healthworx capsule is one of the discrete ways to consume CBD. It is made with organic ingredients which include Hemp CBD and MCT coconut oil. 

• Flavor and appearance

These CBD capsules have natural flavour and are vegan. In one bottle it has 60 capsules. It comes in Full spectrum form and THC free.  Everyone can manage their dosage according to their requirement but it is suggested to start with light dosage. 

• Potency

Healthworx capsules have potency from 125 mg to 1500 mg, per capsules it contains 25 mg of CBD.  It is suitable for all and can be used everyday. We suggest having it two times a day for better results. 

• Pricing and Discounts

Healthworx capsules are affordable and cost different for different types. 

    • 125 mg capsules costs $16
    • 250 mg costs $30
    • 750 mg  costs $90
    • 1500 mg costs $150

Healthworx CBD for Pets

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

This Healthworx CBD oil Tincture is one of the best solutions to keep your pets healthy. It comes in pack of 15 ml and have all essential ingredients 

Pure hemp extracted oil, antioxidants essential fatty acids. It has no THC content and is lab tested which makes it even safe and reliable. 

• Flavor and appearance

This CBD oil for pets comes in natural flavour. It has no color, helps you pet to be more energetic, calm and happy. 

• Potency

Healthworx CBD oil for pets comes in a 15 ml bottle which contains 600 mg of CBD. It has 10 mg of CBD  in five drops which makes it more efficient per dosage. With the help of a dropper you can manage the dosage, it is recommended to start with a small dose and gradually increase with time. 

• Pricing and Discounts

For a 15 ml of bottle which contains 600 mg of CBD cost $ 39.99 which is very affordable if you count the per dosage cost.

Healthworx CBD vape oil

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

Vaping CBD has become very popular these days as it is easy to breathe in. It directly gets into your bloodstream and lungs which gives you instant relief and relaxes your body. It contains high quality CBD , natural and artificial flavour to give you an amazing experience. 

• Flavor and appearance

Healthworx CBD has wide variety of flavours which includes Blue Dream, Banana Kush, DURBAN POISON, GelatoGorilla, Glue #4Grand Daddy, PurpleGreen ,CrackOG, KushPineapple Express. Each flavour is totally different from another which gives you an amazing experience of vaping. You can just pick your favourite flavour and enjoy having it. 

• Potency

One bottle of Healthworx contains 1000 mg of CBD. It is THC free and third party lab tested. 

• Pricing and Discounts

Healthworx vape oils are one of the best in all and very affordable. It costs only $49.99 per bottle. 

Healthworx CBD Vape Pens

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

Vape pens for the one who loves vaping. It is handy leak free and easy to carry anywhere. It is 100 % pesticides free and contains high quality of CBD isolate and TEC Temper. The cartridge is for one time use only, it contains all natural flavour and organic ingredients only that make it a great vape pens.  

• Flavor and appearance

Healthworx CBD Vape pens comes with different strains – Gorilla Glue #4Green, Crack Indica, Natural, OG Kush, Pineapple Express and Strawnana. It is extremely easy to use and convenient, it looks like an e cigarette. 

• Potency

Healthworx each vape pen contains 300 mg of CBD, it is pre-filled and disposable after one use. 

• Pricing and Discounts

For any strain you choose it costs $31.49 which is quite affordable as compared to its quality and taste. 

Does Healthworx  have any other products?

Healthworx provides one of the best CBD products. It has a wide range of premium quality products. 

The products work really well to remove stress, anxiety,pain, skin problems and much more. 

With all these products Healthworx offers 

    • CBD Isolate 
    • CBD shatter
    • CBD cartridge
    • 510 Thread batteries

And if we talk about their CBD topicals they have cream, balm, lotion and balm which makes your skin glowing and body happy. They have all types of CBD related products, you can have all things related to CBD at one place.Healthworx uses 97%+ pure CBD in their products. It is suitable for both beginners and regular users. With assurance of third party lab testing they provide personalised discounts for up to 20 % on their official website.

Where can I buy Healthworx products?

Healthworx official website gives an amazing experience for shopping. They always come up with decent discounts and offers. 

Each product is given with its price tag and all details of its ingredients. The products of Healthworx are of affordable price and user friendly. 

If we talk about its product delivery, Healthworx delivers the product in 3-7 days. Customers can easily track their order through their website. 

If you don’t like online shopping , you can easily get it through its retailer and buy the product you are looking for. 


Healthworx is doing really well for giving the best experience to its customers. They have worked on all aspects to maintain the quality of product whether its about the lab test or the quality of hemp. All this shows the reliability of the brand. If you are looking to start CBD consumption Healthworx can be a good start. Stay healthy, Stay Happy!