But do you think it is as easy as walking in the garden? Because CBD is the hottest industry nowadays. There is a huge demand and supply and   number of companies in the market claiming for the best CBD product.
Planning for weight loss? Or want to opt some healthy habits. For both the cases CBD products are on the top in the check list of everyone these days. 

If you want to get the best result, you need to have the quality product. So today we are going to give the detailed review for the company named as FAB CBD. There are so many interesting facts about this company and we are very excited to share all those with you. 

Who is the FAB CBD?

FAB CBD was established in 2017. Although it is a new company but listed with the top brands of CBD products. The reason behind this is its team with around 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical, health, fitness and supplement industries. Josh Delaney, the founder of the company, has started experimenting with CBD oil for more than two decades. 

The other factor which makes it different from others is its transparent policy. Most of the company’s hesitate to share their product details on the other hand, 

FAB CBD post their product lab result on their website. Moreover you will get the exact pictures of the product plus original review of the product with the customer name. 

With all these things and for its premium products, FAB CBD deserves to be in the list of Best Hemp products. 

FAB CBD Product Highlights

We tried to cover every product that Fab offers to their customers. Here are the findings that definitely need something to look at. (The prices that listed here are subject to change by the manufacturer)


• Materials, sourcing, and testing

FAB CBD oil is like a small pack big bang. It is made up of whole plant hemp extracts. It contains a blend of high quality of cannabinoids, phytochemical compounds and less than 0.03% of THC. 

All the ingredients are organic, where the hemp is grown in Colorado. The company ensures that it uses all natural high quality ingredients. 

• Flavor and appearance

To give you extraordinary experience , FAB CBD oil comes in five different flavours – -Natural

    • Mint
    • Vanilla
    • Berry
    • Citrus. 

This CBD oil has great aroma and taste.   

It comes in a very handy bottle, with a dropper on the top. The dropper helps to regulate the dosage. It is suggested to avoid touching the tongue with the dropper while consuming CBD oil. 

• Potency

Whenever you are buying CBD oil the major question arises which potency is best for you. To give a wide choice to its customers and after understanding the different needs of different people the FAB CBD oil comes in four different potencies. The different FAB CBD potencies are 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1,200mg and 2400 mg per 30 mg bottle. 

FAB CBD oil offers high CBD potency. It is recommended to start with a low level and then gradually increase the dosage. Even you can consult with a doctor if you are a beginner. There are many other brands for CBD oil but FAB CBD is one of the trusted sources offering high quality products. 

• Pricing and Discounts 

The pricing of FAB CBD oil is affordable as compared to its quality. For different bottles it has different prices. 

    • $39 for 300 mg
    • $59 for 600 mg
    • $99 for 1200 mg 
    • $129 for 2400 mg 

If you checkout their website you will get around 25% discount on all its products by using  a simple coupon code.


• Materials, sourcing, and testing

FAB CBD chews are made up of high quality isolated CBD oil. It is the best fun way to consume CBD. It helps to reduce everyday stress and health recovery from exercise. 

The material used to FAB CBD Chews are Organic sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors and Ascorbic Acid. Most of the content used to make FAB CBD chews is organic. 

• Flavor and appearance

As the product is grown with natural ingredients the same way with its flavour. It comes in delicious tangy fruit flavour. Each gummy is in super cute bear shape. 

• Potency

A tasty way to consume CBD. For beginners it is a great option, the reason is its easy and discreet way. 

FAB CBD gummy contains 25 mg of CBD in each piece. These FAB CBD gummies have no psychoactive and no THC content. FAB CBD gummies are made with high quality concentrated hemp oil grown in Colorado.  

The one thing that should be taken care of is that some brands contain artificial content and in lab tests some have reported inaccurate amounts of THC in CBD gummies. 

If you want to have the high quality CBD rich hemp oil FAB is the best place to start with. 

• Pricing and Discounts 

FAB CBD gummies come in a pack of 750 mg. Each bottle contains 30 servings with 25 mg per gummy. 

The cost of one bottle of FAB CBD gummy is $59. For discounts you can use the code on their site and avail the benefits. 

CBD Topical

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

For instant relief CBD topical is the first choice for many people. FAB CBD topicals help joint and muscle pain. It is made up of 600 mg of full spectrum premium hemp, distilled water, cocoa butter, olive oil, Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, essential oils etc. 

If we talk about its testing , FAB CBD products are tested by an independent third party lab named as ProVerde Laboratories. The product tests ensure the high quality of products. Although FAB CBD prefers to use most of the organic products, these products are grown in Colorado. 

• Flavor and appearance

With a mild aroma of blood orange scent,FAB CBD topical comes in Fresh flavour. The consistency of the cream is at its best, it observes instantly in and gives moisturized and glowing skin. 

• Potency

We understand that the potency of a product matters a lot. FAB CBD topical is 600 mg full spectrum CBD cream. It is one of the amazing products of FAB CBD. With less than 0.03% of THC and great consistency a small tip of cream is enough for a particular area.

• Pricing and Discounts 

It comes in a 600 ml pack which costs $49. 

CBD Dog Treats

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

CBD dog treats are becoming famous day by day. CBD for pets gives it essential health benefits as well . This special treat is made without SOY, Corn, dairy or Wheat. TO make it better for your pet it took more than 12 months to develop this treat. 

Basically this FAB dog treat is made up of Oats, Chicken, coconut oil and of course high quality of hemp extract oil. Although the ingredients vary depending on different flavours. Calorie content is  4806 kcal/kg and 28 kcal/treat.

• Flavor and appearance

To provide the best treat for your pet FAB dog treats comes under different flavours 

  • Active Immune
  • Calm and cool
  • Skin and Coat 
  • Bundle Pack

Each flavour is totally different from another. This product is made without THC and no pesticides. It is crunchy, looks delicous and is liked by pets alot. 

• Potency

We use broad spectrum hemp oil extract to make your pet’s treat more effective.  Cannabinoids and terpenes present in hemp plants make it very beneficial for both humans and pets. Both the human body and Pets have the same endocannabinoid system . So high quality CBD products help to give a healthy routine to you and to your pet. FAB CBD Dog treat is very safe and effective for your pet. 

• Pricing and Discounts 

The pricing of FAB dog treat is as follows : 

  • Active Immune / Calm and cool /Skin and Coat for 255g costs $34 per pack 
  • Bundle Pack contains all three flavours for $102 but as per on current discount you will get it only for $87. 

Green plus Superfoods

• Materials, sourcing, and testing

FAB CBD has recently put their feet in Green plus superfood which is giving amazing results. This superfood is plant based and high in nutritions. It contain 

  • Premium Superfood Blend ++
  • Micro-Nutrients, Adaptogens & Nootropics ++
  • Probiotics & Gut Health ++

This superfood is non CBD based, it helps you to feel detoxifying and active. As this superfood contains various vitamins, minerals, electrolyte blend, amino acid blend, organic food, Nootropic blend and much more keeps you super healthy. It completes your daily 2000 calorie requirement with other nutritions. 

• Flavor and appearance

FAB Green Plus superfood comes in amazing and delicious two different flavours

  • Citrus Mojito Flavour
  • Cocoa Crisp

Both the flavours are Keto friendly, SOY free, dairy free and non-GMO. The consistency of this shake is very smooth and provides energy for your super fast day. 

• Potency

FAB CBD Green superfood is completely CBD free. It contains no hemp extracts. also helps to maintain weight. It is also very easy to make and suits all. For the super busy person it acts as a super nutritious diet. 

• Does FAB CBD have any other products?

FAB CBD is known for its premium quality products. In these few years it has made its position in one of the toh brands for CBD products. 

Its CBD products contain less than 0.03% of THC.

The products mentioned above are very appreciated by their customers. In its beginning FAB CBD worked only for CBD products but recently it has come up with its Green plus superfood which is also loved by its customers.  Other than these FAB CBD also offers CBD vape pens which are also very popular. 

The  things that are very special about FAB CBD products is that it allows third party testing and uses CO2 extraction for hemp plants. To make it easier for you here we are enlisting all products of FAB CBD 

  • CBD Oil
  • Topical Creams
  • CBD Gummies
  • Green Plus Superfood
  • CBD Vape Pen
  • CBD Pet Treat

All these products of FAB CBD are of premium quality.They help to uplift health and work for wellness of mind. 

Where can I buy FAB CBD products?

No doubt there may be duplicate products of the same brand. So we recommend buying FAB CBD products from their official website. They claim to deliver products in 3-7 working days. You can also track your shipment but occasionally may be not allowed. 

The best part is they provide a 30 days money back policy, if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it and get your money back. 

Beside it, you will get an option for creating an account so whenever any sale discount goes on you will be notified and will get rewarded for your purchase that you can use during your shopping. 


FAB CBD team is expert in their field.they believe in quality and customer satisfaction.

All products contain ingredients mostly organically grown. With excellent service and excellent products FAB CBD has earned to be in top brands of CBD products.

If you are the one who is obsessed with a healthy lifestyle or wandering to opt healthy CBD products , you would love FAB CBD. 

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