CBD & Its product are becoming part of a healthy lifestyle. In the last few years, these products have been in high demand. Maybe it is because of its amazing benefits and almost negligible side effects.

But the question “Does CBD get you high” always bothers us when we think of it.  The two main components of cannabis plants are THC and CBD. THC is always considered a psychoactive compound but CBD does have some psychoactive effects. But CBD works directly on our endocannabinoid system so it does not make you feel as high as marijuana but it may give some sensation or make you feel calm. Here we are going to discuss all these aspects so that you can choose and Buy CBD products without hesitation and get all its benefits.

Does CBD Get You High?

CBD is extracted from cannabis plants. It is used in various products like in edibles, tincture, CBD cream for pain etc. Out of these CBD oils is one of the popular products, you can consume it easily by putting a few hemp oil drops under your tongue or can add it to your food, drink or in vape pens.

It is considered a natural way to make you relaxed, reduce anxiety, depression and promotes healthy sleep. It must be noted it is not as effective as marijuana and does not cause that much high effect.

However like THC , CBD is also a psychoactive compound and no doubt it may have a mind-altering effect. Consumption of a high concentration of CBD oil may cause an uplifting sensation. But it interacts indirectly with the receptor so it is not that much effecting and has minimal chances to make you feel high. A high dosage of pure concentrated CBD could be the reason for such side effects. You may feel sleepy or nausea.

First things first: Let’s Learn about CBD

CBD typically stands for cannabidiol and is a chemical compound found in Cannabis plant. It has certain therapeutic benefits, it is non-intoxicating and lightly regulated. It can be sold without prescription in the USA.

We can extract CBD from both marijuana and hemp plants as both are from the same species but for these products industrial hemp is used. Normally it extracted from these plants is in oil form and then this oil is used in further products. All these CBD edibles, lotion, tinctures, balms are made up with the CBD oil.

CBD & its psychoactive ingredient THC (sub-point for CBD and THC)

The two main components of cannabis plants are CBD and THC. Both have an impact on our endocannabinoid system. Let us know more:


Cannabidiol (CBD) has several positive impacts on our health. Its health benefits are published in many journals and researches. It helps in keeping your mind calm, helps you to reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.  It does not have the high content as compared to marijuana. It’s not the CBD which makes you feel high. A concentrated CBD may have an uplifting effect. It works indirectly with our endocannabinoid system due to which it does not have a strong mind-altering effect. Actually it is the THC content which can make you high.


THC stands for Tetra-hydro-cannabinol, it is a psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis plants. It can produce undesirable effects if the THC content is high and CBD content is low, like found in weed etc. THC directly binds with the CB1 receptor which causes the mind-altering effect. It is intoxicating and sometimes it can cause anxiety or paranoia. CBD on the other hand neutralizes the effect of THC. In an industrial hemp plant the THC content is not more than 0.3%. SO chances that CBD products will make you high are less. It depends on the dosage you take so it is suggested to start from low dose and then gradually increase with time.

Marijuana and CBD: What’s The Difference?

Marijuana and CBD what's the difference

The notable differences between marijuana and CBD are based on its composition, psychoactive features, and medical potential.

Well, if we talk about CBD, it can be extracted from both  hemp and marijuana. The chemical composition of both marijuana and hemp is different but the amount of CBD may be the same but may vary in THC amount.

Now the psychoactive effects of CBD and marijuana is also different. The CBD is non-intoxicating and doesn’t exhibit the psychoactive effects. While the THC does have the intoxicating effects and gives the psychoactive effect.

The other difference between marijuana and CBD is the medicinal use. However marijuana may have illegal status in many places but CBD has been legalized in most of the states and FDA has approved it as a drug.

What Are High-CBD Cannabis Strains?

A strain can be a combination of CBD or THC or any one of them can be dominant. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) both have unique medicinal properties.

High CBD cannabis strain or balanced CBD/THC tends to be a best choice as it can provide potential health benefits. You can find CBD mostly in these forms- Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and Isolate CBD. All these three types of CBD and different in their base with CBD. Full Spectrum CBD contains all other essential compounds of hemp plant where CBD Isolate contains the pure form of CBD where broad-spectrum CBD contains everything but not the THC content. Each form of these CBD has their own advantages. Full-spectrum CBD has the entourage effect to give the effect instantly and have the potential benefit of the whole cannabis plant. Same with broad-spectrum CBD which is the same as full-spectrum CBD but lacks THC content.

High CBD-cannabis have a potential use for anxiety, inflammation, fatigue etc.

The Side effects involved

CBD is a nutritious supplement. It’s been a few years since it got popularity and there are few searches that explain it. CBD has been proved to help with anxiety, depression, and reduce daily stress.

It has been proven a safe and effective option for many health-related problems. But everyone is different and could have different effects, so there may be a few side effects you may notice after consumption of CBD.

  • Dry Mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

It must be noted that there is no serious reported side effect but if you have any medical history or on medication, it is suggested to consult your doctor before starting its consumption.


We have seen almost all aspects of whether CBD makes you feel high or not. Basically the endocannabinoid system inside us mostly regulates the psychological functioning. If it is stable, we will not feel high and everything will work perfectly. CBD and THC are the compounds found in cannabis plants, it is used for medical purposes or as a supplement to enhance our health. It helps you to feel relaxed, calm, reduce daily stress and depression. Many scientists and studies have already given evidence for its potential benefits.

To avoid the high content avoid the side effects, regulate the dosage and take advice from the doctor. Take a product with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD.

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