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About Us

Hi! I’m Percival Jakson, and I’m here to enlighten you about business! Don’t worry; I won’t bore you with petty details. I am a business studies professor at the University. I’ve basically been studying business all my life. My blog will provide you with all the latest business updates, careers and so much more.

I hope you enjoy my posts so stay tuned!

My history

I’ve always had a passion for business, ever since I started the O LEVEL business curriculum; it was just one of those subjects I completely understood. I also have my extremely supportive business teacher to thank from back in the day; she really inspired me to go ahead with my passion in business. When I say passion in business it does not necessarily mean running my own business, it means excelling at every aspect of business knowledge. After my O level exams when I scored an A* in my exams, I was quite certain that I was going to make a career out of business studies.

What my blogs aim to provide?

Like I was inspired by my teachers and superiors, my aim is to be able to inspire as many youngsters as I possibly can, and what better way than a blog. I am on a mission to provide you all the latest information in the business world from all over the globe. You can expect to find posts of economic conditions, successful careers, best in business, business news from all over the world, tips and tricks to help you in all your business related endeavors. You can also expect to gain knowledge about detailed business ethics and how different businesses operate in different cultures.

Why it is important to have knowledge about business in today’s world?

Business is hugely important in a country’s economy because it is the main economic engine for the country.

Businesses are a very important part of the circular flow of any market economy.  They buy resources from households in the resource market and sell to households in the product market.  This makes them indispensable to the economy.

Businesses also allow the economy to work more efficiently.  When businesses compete with one another, they improve their efficiency…

People go to work every day to earn a living, but many of us also work to be part of something bigger, better, newer or more helpful than what existed before. We want to make something superior that will change the world a little or a lot. I want to help people and introduce them to a better way to live.

The task of gathering business knowledge includes acquiring a detailed understanding of the firm’s functions, the processes and tasks which are employed to accomplish those functions, and the relationship of those functions, processes, and tasks to each of the functions, processes, and tasks performed throughout the firm.